Hibiscus   Malvaceae   

Rose of Sharon

Description: Hibiscus syriacus or Rose-of -Sharon are tall growing, spreading shrubs.  They are grown chiefly for their summer flowers that blume well into autumn.
Flower: .Holly-hock like 2-4 inch flowers in purple, white, pink, blue, red, or in various color combinations.  Three flower forms are available in hibiscus: single, semi-double, and double.   Most cultivars have flowers with dark red centers of rose or rose-red, but a few have unmarked blooms.
Foliage: Foliage is not outstanding and leaf bud do not unfold until late spring.   Because of this, many gardeners are certain that their plants are dead.   Patience usually will prove otherwise.
Misc. info: Tree forms are available, trained to a single stem with branching allowed only on top of this.
Species Height: Spread: Zone:
H. Hardy 6-12' 3-6' 5-8
8-15' 3-5' 7-10
6-12' 8-10' 5-9
Site: Well-drained, deep moist soil.  Full sun.