Cotoneaster   Rosaceae  Assorted
Cotoneaster dammeri Cotoneaster horizontalis
Description: A Low-growing, spreading shrubs with pink flowers.  They are grown for their glossy green foliage, interesting growth habits and their beautiful fruits.
Flower: Beautiful pink flowers that produce bright red, 1/4" berries in late summer.
Foliage: Tiny shiny evergreen leaves outline the horizontal branches of the C. horizontalis.  C. dammeri has smaller branches.
Misc. info: Excellent semievergreen ground cover.  Purple leaves in winter.   Red berries in late summer
Species Height: Spread: Zone:
C. dam. 1-2' 3-6' 5-8
C. horiz. 2-3' 4-8' 4-8
Site: Well-drained, moist soil.  Full sun to partial shade.