Corylus   Betulaceae  Contorta
Corylus avellana Contorta
Description: A cultivar of the shrub that produces hazelnuts.  The branches of this shrub are gnarled and duriously twisted in spirals.  This gives the plant a visual interest in winter.
Flower: .Flowers are borne in catkins.  the female catkins are little tufts of bright red stigmas.  The male catkins are pendulous and elongated.    Flowers late winter to early spring.  Flowers resemble lambs tails and
Foliage: leaves are heart-shaped 2 to 3-in leaves with toothed edges
Misc. info: The 3/4-in nuts are edible.  Interesting twisted twigs and drooping male catkins in winter.
Species Height: Spread: Zone:
C. contorta. 8-12' 8-10'' 54-7
Site: Well-drained, evenly moist soil.  Full sun to light shade.