Callicarpa  Verbenaceae    Beautyberry

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Red Twig

Yellow twig

Description: Callicarpa are deciduous "die back to ground" shrubs in northern zones and tops often survive winter in south.  Some are classified as evergreen or semi-evergreen.A genus of about 140 species of deciduous shrub and small trees.

Flower: The flowers are clustered, small and inconspicuous.  Mainly grown for colorful fruit.  Berries are borne at the tips of new wood and only remain a couple of weeks after leaves have turned yellow in fall. Colors range from purple-red to dark lilac; lilac to pale violet; pink to white.  depending on species.
Foliage: long pointed leaves could be bronze purple young foliage to oval shaped leaves depending on species
Misc. info: Should be pruned back severely in early spring for vigorous growth and many fruits later in season. 

Height: as species

Spread: as species

Zone: 5-7

Site: Callicarpas grow in any soil; prefer full sun but tolerate light shade

C. americana (French mulberry, Beautberry) deciduous, Z5-9, H6ft-W5ft,  FL-lavender/pink>late spring to early summer, followed by violet fruit. var. lactea  has white fruit. 

C. bodinieri var. giraldii deciduous, Z6-8, H10ft-W8ft,  FL-pink>mid-summer, followed by violet fruit. 

C. dichotoma (Purple beautberry) deciduous, Z6-8, H4ft-W4ft,  FL-pale pink>mid summer, followed by bright purple fruit. 

C. japonica deciduous, Z6-8, H6ft-W6ft,  FL-white or pink>late summer, followed by purple fruit. 'Luecocarpa'  has white fruit.

C. rubella evergreen or semi-evergreen, Z7-9, H6ft-W6ft,  FL-purplish-pink>mid summer, followed by pinkish-purple fruit.