Berberis   Berberidaceae  Barberry

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Rosey Glow

Crimson Pygmy

Red Japanese

Rosy Glow



Description: Berberis, often refereed to as barberry, is a very large genus of shrubs about 500 species and has as many cultivars and hybrids. Barberries vary from quite large shrubs to rock garden size dwarfs varieties, but the majority of them are of medium size.
'Crimson Pygmy'  A fine purple foliage mounding dwarf. Makes a wonderful 2' tall hedge
'Red Japanese'   Very red foliage and red berries. 5-6'  
'Rose Glow'   Unusual rosy pink young leaves with deep reddish purple patches.  3-5'
Golden Nugget, William Pen, Mentor, Golden, Kobold
Flower: .Flowers spring and early summer followed in autumn by small berries
Foliage: the leaves of some species or holly-like, in others, lance-like and often very small
Misc. info: very thorny, most are deciduous, birds usually don't like the berries and therefore berries remain on through most of the winter

Height: 2- 9'

Spread: 2 - 10'

Zone: 4-7

Site: Ordinary soil sunny to lightly shaded  sight