Azalea   Assorted

Azalea indica

Azalea molle

Azalea indica 'Balsaminaeflora'     1 ft

Azalea 'molle3' - 4'   

Description: Azalea, there are many varieties, both single and double flowering, the later
                      being generally slower growing and not as hardy as the singles. Botanist classify
                      all azaleas as rhododendrons.
Flower: .Azalea flowers are among the most brilliantly colored of any group of shrubs in existence.
Foliage: Narrow dark green leaves.
Misc. info: Oak leaves have been recommended for a mulch for azaleas because they are acid
                    in reaction when they decompose.

Height: 1/2 - 10'

Spread: 1 - 10'

Zone: 5-9

Site: light or open soil that never becomes really dry is essential for their success. Acid soil.
         They prefer as pH 4.5 to pH 5.5. A light application of alum will act as a tonic for the plants.