Aronia   Rosaceae    Chokeberry


aronia berries

Aronia arbutifolia

Description: Aronia several species of deciduous shrubs:
                     A.arbutiflora (Red Chokecherry) may get as tall as 10 ft.
                     A. meloncarpa (Black Chokecherry), a small flat-topped free flowing shrub of 3 ft.
Flower: White flowers in spring. Then clusters for red or black fruits.
Foliage: Narrow dark green leaves, gray felted underside. Brilliant fall colors. Abundant berries that last through winter birds allowing. 
Misc. info: There are about 20 varieties and is happiest in protected are with mostly sunny to light shade conditions.  Should be pruned back in early spring.

Height: as species

Spread: as species

Zone: 3-7

Site: full sun and light shade, deep non-alkaline soils. Moist soil but will tolerate dry conditions