Akebia  Lardizabalaceae    Chocolate Vine

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Akebia quinata

Description: Akebia quinata, large growing climbing, semi - evergreen shrub. There are 5 species and are twining climbers and are deciduous to semi-evergreen. 

Flower: red-purple clusters of tubular fragrant flowers early to late spring. 

Foliage: five-notched round small green leaflets.

Misc. info: A mild spring is necessary for good flowering. Sausage shaped fruit is produced after hot summer. Leaves may stay on all winter in southern most zones.

Height: 20-40'

Spread: Climber

Zone: 5-8

Site: Sunny or lightly shaded, well-drained, moisture retentive soil

A. quinata (Fiveleaf akebia, Chocolate vine) semi-evergreen, Z5-9, Climber,  FL-redish purple>early spring followed by fruit. 

A. trifoliata (Three-leaf akebia) deciduous, Z5-9, Climber,  FL-purple>mid spring followed by fruit.