Viburnum  trilobum 'Compactum'
Compact Cranberry Bush

Viburnum trilobum 'Compaction'   Compact Cranberry Bush

V. trilobum ' Compactum'

Description: Viburnums come in a wide assortment of  shapes and sizes.   There are autumn-berrying, spring flowering and winter-flowering.  They can be deciduous or evergreen. 
Flower: Viburnums are usually pink in bud and white in flower.
Foliage: There is no standard leaf form, often leading to some confusion
Misc. info:

Height: 6-10' as species

Spread: 5-8'

Zone: 6-9

Site: Sun or light shade, well drained soil and prefers soil rich in humus
Variety: V. trilobum ' Compacta'
Exposure: Zones: Height: