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Anthony Waterer, Dolchica, Froebelli Pink, Goldflame, Little Princess, Neon Flash, Norman, Limemound, Gold Mound, Shirobana, Snowmound, Vanhouttei

Little Princess Spirea (below)

3 Little Princess Spirea (below)

Vanhoutei  Spirea (below)

Gold Flame Spirea (below)

3 Gold Flame Spirea (below)

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3 Little Princess Spirea

Vanhouttei Spirea

Goldflame Spirea

3 Goldflame Spirea

Anthony Waterer Spirea (below)

Anthony Waterer Spirea (below)

Anthony Waterer Spirea (below)

Snowmound Spirea (below)

Row of  Snowmound Spirea (below)

Anthony Waterer Spirea Anthony Waterer Spirea in setting Large Anthony Waterer Spirea Spirea Row

Anthony Waterer Closeup

Gold Mound closeup

Gold Flame closeup

Little Princess closeup

Shirobana closeup

Spirea Japonica 'Anthony Waterer'

Spirea Japonica 'Goldmound'

Spirea Japonica 'Gold Flame'

Spirea Japonica 'Little Princess'

Spirea Japonica 'Shirobana'

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Spirea nipponica 'Snow Mound'

Spirea x vanhouttei

Description: Spirea is a deciduous flowering shrub which has many varieties of flowers, foliage and some have graceful growing hadits.  There are about 70 species and as might be expected in such a large genu, vary greatly in height, form, and flowering times
Flower: .Two flower forms.  The spring-blooming spireas usually are borne in umbels(clusters in which all flower stems start from one point and are about the same lenght.)  The summer-blooming sprieas are either flat-topped clusters or long plumy clusters borne at the tips of branches.  Colors range from white, to pink, to red.
Foliage: Undistinguished leaves for most species, few have colored leaves in autumn and no decorative fruits.
Misc. info: All spireas are easy to grow and have no particular pests.
S. Anthony Waterer   One of the most popular and widely grown of summer-flowering shrubs.  Bright crimson flowers ocurring midsummer onwards. 
S. Dolichica  
S. Froebelli Pink   Similar to Antony Waterer but growth habit is somewhat taller and wider.
S. Goldflame   This is a very popular variety mainly for its foliage which emerge reddish-orange in spring and become bright yellow then green. But this beauty also has lovely deep rose-red flowers.
S. Little Princess   Low dwarf mounding.   Has pink to rose-crimson colored flowers in late spring thru summer and onward.
S. Norman
S. Limemound, G. mnd  A compact dwarf shrub that forms pink clusters of flowers from mid summer onward.  The foliage is yellow to yellow-green.
S. Shirobana  Later flowering from mid summer on. Flowers are a mixture of white, pink and deep rose some times on the same head.  This a dwarf growing shrub of about 3'.
S. Snowmound  A small dense white flowering maound forming shrub.
S. Vanhouttei  Vigorous growing shrub of 6-7' tall with arching branches.  Flowers in mid-May borne in dense umbels along these gracefully arching branches. 
S. Assorted
Site: Well-drained, deep moist soil.  Full sun.