Ligustrum   Oleaceae    Privet

5 gal Golden Privet

Golden Privets

5 gallon size Golden Privet

Established Golden Privets

Description: Ligustrum x vicaryi or Golden Privet   has become an extremely popular plant because of its golden yellow foliage. A deciduous shrub in northern zones and tops often survive winter in south.  A genus of about 50 species of evergreen and deciduous shrub and small trees.

Flower: The flowers produced by many of the species are small, white, densly apacked sprays.  The golden privet mainly is grown for the colorful foliage.. 
Foliage: From greenish yellow to golden yellow depending on species foliage thats oval shaped and pointed
Misc. info: Trim hedges a couple times during the year to maintain uniformity.   Can be cut back hard if fed, watered and mulched. 

Height: 3-4'

Spread: as species

Zone: 5-7

Site: Lingustrum grow in any soil;  full sun or light shade