Juniperus  Cupressacea   Juniper
Description: Junipers are numbered in legions.  There are about 60 species of these evergreen shrub and trees.  Junipers are evergreen coniferous ranging in size and growth habits.  Shrubs can be bushy and dense while prostrate alpines spread out in an abundance of ground cover.  Trees can be columnar to conical.  J. virginiana or the Japgarden Juniper is a dwarf procumbent   species.  It has long, stiff, tightly packed branches that form carpets up to 1 ft high and 6 ft across..

J. virginiana (Eastern Red cedar)

Canaertii, Oxford, Hillspire, Manhattan Blue, Skyrocket

Canaertii Juniper


Description: Virginiana is a coniferous evergreen tree (not a true cedar). 
Foliage:   Deep green to light blue foliage. Light blue berry-like cones.   Reddish brown peeling bark.
Misc. info: Excellent for hedgerows or windbreaks.

Height: 6-75' dep on species

Spread: 10-20'

Zone: 2-9

Site: Grows well in ordinary garden soils, acidic or alkaline soils.  Withstands windy conditions.. 

J. vir. Canaertii:   A fairly dense conical shaped tree with bright green foliage.  Small blue to purple-bloomed, violet fruits. Very popular in colder area for hardiness and its ability to retain dark green color throughout winter.  The outer foliage is fine and smooth.  

J. vir. Oxford:   A
J. vir. Hillspire:   A
J. vir. Manhattan Blue:   A
J. vir. Skyrocket:   A spectacular, columnar tree with silvery blue-green foliage.  This is a very narrow cultivar, infact it is one of the narrowest of all conifers.  This juniper is classified under among the scopulorum cultivars.