Juniperus  Cupressacea   Juniper
Description: Junipers are numbered in legions.  There are about 60 species of these evergreen shrub and trees.  Junipers are evergreen coniferous ranging in size and growth habits.  Shrubs can be bushy and dense while prostrate alpines spread out in an abundance of ground cover.  Trees can be columnar to conical.

J. scopulorum (Rocky Mountain Juniper)

Admiral, Blue Tail, Cologreen, Gray Gleam, Hughs, Moonglow, Pathfinder, Tollison Wp, Welchi, Wichita Blue

Foliage: normally the species is a narrow columnar form but cultivars are available with pyamidal or even globe shaped forms.  Blue-green foliage and light blue berrylike cones.
Misc. info:

Height: 4-40'

Spread: 3-12'

Zone: 3-7

Site: Full sun. Ordinary well drained soil.  Hot dry conditions are tolerated alomg with heavy or rocky soil.

J. c. Admiral 

J. c. Blue Tail 
J. c. Cologreen 
J. c. Gray Gleam
J. c. Hughs
J. c. Moonglow  A small compact, conical tree with blue-gray foliage
J. c. Pathfinder
J. c. Tollison Wp
J. c. Welchi
J. c. Wichita Blue