Juniperus  Cupressacea   Juniper
Description: Junipers are numbered in legions.  There are about 60 species of these evergreen shrub and trees.  Junipers are evergreen coniferous ranging in size and growth habits.  Shrubs can be bushy and dense while prostrate alpines spread out in an abundance of ground cover.  Trees can be columnar to conical.  J. conferta or the Shore Juniper is a an evergreen, matlike, coniferous shrub species.  It has long, stiff, tightly packed branches that form carpets up to 1 and 1/2 ft high and up to 10' across..

J. Conferta (Shore Juniper)

Blue Pacific

Foliage: Usually pointed "awl-like" juvenile plant leaves ( actually much more like drawing pens)  changing to scalelike and crowded clinging closely to the stem in most adult plants.  J. con. Blue Pacific:   Bright Blye-green awl-shaped needles are densely clustered in whorls of 3.   If produces berrylike cones about 1/3" in diam. They are blue-black and covered with waxy bloom..
Misc. info: The excellent ground covers come from prostrate varieties.   J. conferta or the Shore Juniper is a very good groundcover for sunny open locations.

Height: same as species

Spread: as species

Zone: 2-9

Site: Full sun.   Shore juniper does not grow well if soil is poorly drained.   Ordinary well drain garden soil.  Sany is preferred, clay soils are not good conditions.