Juniperus  Cupressacea   Juniper
Description: Junipers are numbered in legions.  There are about 60 species of these evergreen shrub and trees.  Junipers are evergreen coniferous ranging in size and growth habits.  Shrubs can be bushy and dense while prostrate alpines spread out in an abundance of ground cover.  Trees can be columnar to conical.

J. chinensis (Chinese juniper)

Blue Point, Gold Coast, Holbert, Keteleeri, Mint Julep, Old Gold, Pfitzer Green, Pfitzer comp., Pfitzer Blue, Robusta Green, Blue Sargent, Sea Green, Spartan, Torulosa Hlwd, Wintergreen

Foliage: Usually pointed "awl-like" juvenile plant leaves ( actually much more like drawing pens)  changing to scalelike and crowded clinging closely to the stem in most adult plants.  Color ranges from green and yellow to steel blue and gray.
Misc. info: The excellent ground covers come from prostrate varieties

Height: same as species

Spread: as species

Zone: 2-9

Site: Most suitable for alkaline soils although very adaptable to most soil and situations. 

J. c. Blue Point 

J. c. Gold Coast 
J. c. Holbert 
J. c. Keteleeri
J. c. Mint Julep
J. c. Old Gold
J. c. Pfitzer Green
J. c. Pfitzer comp
J. c. Pfitzer Blue
J. c. Robusta Grn
J. c. Blue Sargent 
J. c. Sea Green 
J. c. Spartan   Slender, conical with densely packed midgreen branches.
J. c. Torulosa Hlwd  
J. c. Wintergreen