Chaenomeles   Rosaceae    Flowering Quince
top left: . all others are in different stages.  top right:  newly planted (5 gal size) Texas Scarlet flowering quince bush.

Flowering Quince Texas Scarlet

Description: Chaenomeles or Flowering Quince are among the most beautiful or early flowering shrub.   This easily grown shrub is deciduous, slightly thorny. twiggy, and very hardy shrubs of dense, ground-covering foliage, flowering in such profusion as almost to equal that of the azalea.

Flower: Saucer-shaped flowers in shades of pink, red, white, orange.
Misc. info: Although flowering quinces tolerate shade, those beautiful flowers will be even more abundant in bright light.




C. x superba 4-5' 5-7'
C. ' '
Site: Flowering Quinces thrive in a wide range of well-drained soils in full sun.  Moist, well mulched sites are best. Best flowering is in full sun.