Euonymus   Celastraceae    Burning Bush

Burning bush dwarf

Burning Bush

Burning Bushes in a row

top left: full fall color. all others are in differet stages of turning scarlet.  top right:  newly planted (5 gal size) burning bushes.

Compacta Dwarf Burning Bush

Burning Bushes

Description: Euonymous alatus or Burning bush is one of the finest and most reliable deciduous shrubs for fall color.   E. alatus is a medium-sized vase shaped shrub.  E altalus 'Compactus'  is a small, compact, globe-shaped form.

Flower: inconspicuous 3/8" strong yellow in color
Foliage: Elongated tear-drop shaped green leaves turning crimson-pink first, then scarlet in autumn.
Misc. info: Compactus is ideal for a low hedge.  It is so compact that it needs clipping but rarely.




E. alatus 6-7' 7-12'
E. a. Compactus 3-5' 3-5'
Site: Burning bushes thrive in a wide range of well-drained soils in full sun.  Moist, well mulched sites are best.   If possible protect from southwest winds.  Best color is in full sun.