Acer saccharinum

Silver Maple

Silver Maple Leaf




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2 1/2" Silver Maple

3" plus 2yrs estab.

Silver Maple

Height: 60' to 90'     (50' at age 30)
Width: 50' to 80'     (45' at age 30)
Availble in these trunk diameters:
1.5"        99.95
2.5"        144.95
3"           219.95
Crown:           Broadly ovate, irregular,   medium course texture
Foliage:          Leaves are silvery beneath, yellow in fall
Flowers:         reddish yellow or greenish
Fruit:              large samaras in late spring
Description:   Fast growing tree. Native to wet sites throughout much of eastern North America.
                        Smooth gray bark becomes scaly when older. 
Advantages:   Makes an impact on the landscape within a few years.   Widely adaptable.