Quercus Shumardii
Shumard Oak

Shumard Oak Leaves Grn

Shumard Oak Leaves Fall

Shumard Oak


Shumard Oak Early Fall

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Height: 60' to 80'     (40' at age 30)
Width: 45' to 65'     (30' at age 30)

Availble in these trunk diameters:
1.5"        134.95
2.5"        244.95
3"           294.95

Crown:           conical, medium texture
Foliage:          dark green with lighter underside. redish brown to scarlet in fall
Flowers:         inconspicuous
Fruit:              1" acorn
Description:   Dark grey bark (smooth becoming furrowed) Moderate to fast growing
Advantages:  Resistant to iron deficiency on alkaline soils