Acer truncatum x A. platanoides

Norwegian Sunset Shantung Hybrid Maple

Pacific Sunset Shantung Hybrid Maple

Maple Norwegian sunset

Maple Norwegian Sunset Leaf

Maple Pacific Sunset Leaf

Maple Pacific Sunset

Height: 30' to 40'     (30' at age 30)
Width: 25' to 35'     (25' at age 30)
Availble in these trunk diameters:
1.5"        124.95
2.5"        224.95
3"           294.95
Crown:           upright ovate, medium texture
Foliage:          glossy dark green leaves, orange-red to bright red in fall
Flowers:         greenish-yellow
Fruit:              1 1/2" samara
Description:   Both are natural occurring hybrids of Shantung maple and Norway Maple.Great fall                           color, branching and fast growth.  Norwegian has uniform branching and crown
                        shape, whereas Pacific Sunset is more spreading and somewhat finer than
                        Norwegian.   Bothe introduced in 1989.
Advantages:  Brighter fall colors, more heat tolerance and smaller mature size than Norway.