Southern Magnolia

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Magnolia grandiflora

M. grandiflora Southern Magnolia
Height: 50' to 75'     (45' at age 30)
Width: 40' to 65'     (30' at age 30)
Availble in these container sizes:
5 gal        59.95
7 gal
10 gal    134.95
15 gal    144.95
Crown:           Conical changing to ovate, medium texture
Foliage:          Large, oblong leaves about 5-8 inches long.  They are glossy green on top with a rust colored brown felt underneath.   The leaves and branches are often used in floral arrangements.l
Flowers:         Very fragrant cup shaped waxy creamy white flowers emerge from silky buds.  Flowers can be as large as 10 inches across and begin blooming in early summer.
Fruit:              Wolly fruits open to reveal red seeds in fall.
The Girl Magnolias