Ulmus parvifolia

Lacebark Elm

Lacebark Elm Leaves

Lacebark Elm

Lacebark Elm

Mature Lacebark elm

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2" Newly Planted

A 3" Tree one year after planting

Mature Tree

Height: 50' to 70'     (45' at age 30)
Width: 30' to 75'     (35' at age 30)
Availble in these trunk diameters:
1.5"        134.95
2.5"        244.95
3"           394.95
Crown:           variably ovate to vase-shaped, fine texture
Foliage:          dark green, yellow to burgandy in fall
Flowers:         inconspicicuous fall flowers
Fruit:              1/4" disc, green changing to tan, maturing in fall
Description:   Native to China, Japan and Korea.  Slower growing than most elms and its habits                          are variable from the idealized vase-shape to the more typical ovate habit.  High                          resistance to Ditch elm disease and elm leaf beetle.
Advantages:  High stress tolerance, resistance to insect and disease ploblem that affect most elms.
                       Tolerates compacted, wet, droughty, acidy and alkaline soils.